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Guess I won't be getting rid of City of Heroes any time soon...
Marvel MMO canceled.

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Although it promised to be cool, I'm glad it went this way.

I've spent too much money on CoH.

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Re: I Am *NOT* The Superhero Curse!

"Marvel would be a great IP for a MMO"

Agreed. I love fighting Lord Recluse, but it would be so much cooler to battle Doctor Doom... ah, well. It was a nice daydream for the Marvel fanboy in me for a little while. :)

Re: I Am *NOT* The Superhero Curse!

I would have to wonder how they'd do some of the powers. When you get right down to it, CoH has a very small powerset compared to any comic; it was pared way, way down from what the initial idea was. I wonder how they would have proposed to solve those problems? If I'm playing CoH, there's not such a level of expectation but if I was a comics fan coming onto a Marvel MMO for the first time then by gosh I'd expect certain things. Ice slides. Starting out being able to fly. Throwing things, like my shield. I think Marvel would seriously overestimate the comic-reader:MMO-player conversion rate and wind up with another Star Wars Galaxies on their hands.

Now, isn't someone still working on a DC MMO? Something about Jim Lee doing initial character design for them? I was interested in the Marvel MMO simply because I was trying to imagine how in the world they'd make it significantly different from CoH. I was also hoping that, starting from scratch, that they'd produce a superhero MMO that learned from CoH's mistakes.

That's kind of.. an odd announcement. Do they actually think they'll produce an MMO to rival WoW? WoW is one of those unexplained success stories, I think, that everyone will try to duplicate yet never can simply because they are not WoW. If everyone has that mindset, then we'll simply see WoW clones for the next ten years or more. How anyone could imagine that a superhero MMO would have the same impact and appeal of a fantasy MMO, I dunno, but then no-one can quite explain why that's true in Roleplaying. Fantasy is the big dog that drags everything else behind it.

Here's hoping that the DC Online game is still on it's way. But it being published by Sony may doom it before it's off the ground as well. Was really looking forward to this too.

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