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[daily dose] Eyes For The Dead

flash fiction by Jason Allard
* * *
Lilu hugged herself and shivered. She couldn't understand why she was so cold. She was in her bed. The heavy blanket over the top of the red satin sheets, so smooth against her naked skin. She shifted, reaching around to feel for her companion, but he was gone. There wasn't even any residual heat from where he'd lain.

Things were fuzzy in her head. She could barely remember the man she'd brought home. What was his name? Jerry? Johnny? No. He'd been foreign, she could remember that, at least. Claimed to be of the old French aristocracy. Lilu chuckled to herself and threw up her hands.

"The aristocrats!"

She sat up, letting the covers fall to her lap and finally opened her eyes. The room was dark, but she could see easily enough. She reached for the light on the nightstand and tugged the chain. There was a dull click, but no light. She tugged it a few more times for good measure. Nothing.

"What the hell?" She glanced at the alarm clock. It was dead. No big red numbers showing the time. Grumbling, Lilu climbed out of the bed, dragging the blanket with her, wrapping it around her shoulders. She wove her way around the bed to the wall, where the switch failed to produce light.

"Damn it," she said. She felt around on the top of the dresser, finally finding the box of matches she kept there. Gripping it tightly, she headed for the bathroom.

Even without a window, she could still barely see in the bathroom. It should've been pitch black. Lilu quickly found one of the scented candles and lit it, relishing the flare of warmth from the match.

Lilu screamed and dropped the match. Her hand. What was wrong with her hand? It was grayish, mottled with pale blue. She dropped the blanket and looked in the mirror. Her entire body was discolored. She looked dead. Thens he catch her own eyes in her reflection. They'd gone entirely black. Twin pools of deep water. She collapsed, her knees buckling.

"Nononononono." She shook her head and hid her face in her hands. This couldn't be real. Steeling herself, she put her hands on the counter to haul herself up. A piece of paper crinkled under her palm. She pulled it down and stared at it for a moment before the words made sense.


If you're reading this, then you have entered a wonderful, endless world. If not, then I have made a mistake, and you are forever dead. I apologize that I cannot stay, but I will return for you. I made arrangements to have the power shut off, and the mail stopped at the post office, giving them the excuse that you will be out of town on business for several months. I hope to be back in time to have your services restored before you awaken.

You will love your new existence, I promise.

I hope to see you soon.


Gilles de Reis

PS: Do NOT go out in the sun. Trust me.


If you want to write something to go with this piece, drop me a line at aaronace [at] gmail [dot] com. If you like what you see, please leave a tip for your writers and artist. If you'd like to see more, just scroll through previous entires. Enjoy!


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Just sent a story. Sorry it's a little rough. I'm working late, so I didn't have the time to really try to polish it, but wanted to get it out before I lost the idea.

I like this one meliela. Yes, could use a comb through and a touch up, but it has a solid idea and a nice twist, even with knowing where it's going with the great art from Arronace. Without knowing this could be a really good shocker.

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