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Cryptic Announces New Superhero MMO
Champions Online

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(Deleted comment)
From what I've heard, it is with Hero Games and they're going to make an announcement on the 18th.

HERO Games' owner, Steve Long, is a lawyer.

(Deleted comment)
As much as possible? ;)

While playing a superhero or a supervillain would be cool (I loved playing Necessary Evil RPG), I find the MMO concept as disappointing as WoW. Just fill a role type, run around and bash things. There's no story and no use for quirky, non-optimized builds.

It seems like Bioware is the only company that puts any real effort into fostering a role playing environment.

I'm a fan of City of Heroes actually. I think they do a pretty good job with providing story elements and the character customization is awesome.

Meh. Video games just never hold my interest for very long. I'm a role player. My round peg is too large for the square hole.

I like that avatar! How pleasantly fun.

Like any roleplaying game, this depends on who you're playing with -- I've played in COH groups where we had 'concept' characters, optimized for fun instead of for power-leveling, and worried more about making each other laugh than how much XP debt we had.

I don't think the "finding compatible players" situation is that much different with MMOs vs traditional RPGs. If you put 50 RPG players in a gaming store and randomly plucked out 6 of them to play in your game, what are the chances that everyone's play style will mesh well?

Nice of the game informer to spoil Hero Games' fun.

What's interesting is that when they were developing City of Heroes, they had originally set it up much like champions. With a point-based system and a generic power system. They found in alpha that everyone made the same character since they could make any character. Basically a flying tankmage. I wonder how they'll fix that issue while staying true to the hero system.

It'll be interesting to see, for sure. I'm going to give it a go.

Interesting. I wonder if this means they'll phase out CoH/V since they'd basically be their own competition? Hopefully they will be incorporating all the things they leaned NOT to do from CoH and be able to do things like customize energy blasts and stuff like that.

Cryptic sold CoH/CoV to NCSoft, so they'll be in competition with a game they designed, but not one they own.

I really hope they do some power customizations... colors at least.

'bout time a paper-based RPG other than D&D and Vampire got its due. Computer games have been ripping PBRPGs off for over a decade, but rarely giving money to the people and/or companies that publish 'em... or giving their fans something "official" to play with, either.

I'm going to give it a try, for sure. :)

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