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Suzerain: A Daily Dose
Miles and I were talking and fancied stretching our creative muscles, so we've decided to start posting new Suzerain content daily, Monday - Friday. Each day we'll post an illustration and a piece of flash fiction linked to it. Together they'll offer a little insight to the Suzerain universe. Watch out for hints on stuff that's yet to come!

This week, we're running a feature we're calling 'In Character', which spotlights a new character each day. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed creating them.


Yup, the daily dose idea caught on with the studio, so I'll be posting there daily. I'll try to keep up here, so I can still collaborate with all of you too.

Fun stuff.

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That's very cool, bud--nice way to hook people in even more.

MMK is writing the first five and then we're opening it up to studio writers as well.

I'm up for it, definitely.


You really want me to just die, don't you? Just have my brain pop out of my head and explode in front of me as the light in my eyes fades to nothing and I slump to the floor, probably dragging my desktop down with me...


Keep up, old man. Not like you're busy or anything. ;)


I wanna give ya a smack!

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