Aaron Acevedo (aaronace) wrote,
Aaron Acevedo

What's Aaron working on this week?

Taking a cue from gmskarka...

* Suzerain Illustrated #1, the first in Talisman's new line of illustrated novellas. This one is titled The Legend of Five Shadows, a western-flavored horror story written by Michelle Klein (shellefly), with illustrations by Jason Engle and yours truly.
* A few illustrations for the latest open_design project, can't really say more.
* A five-page Untamed Empires comic with Jason Engle.
* 'In Character' portraits 6-15 for a 15-part serial running daily m-f in the Talisman Studios Suzerain journal (a project spawned from my [daily dose] posts here).

* Relic (Suzerain's Dark Fantasy RPG setting) world map for playtest groups.
* Relic focus map - the prison city of Isirion (sketch & illo below cut).
* A set of Gamescapes tile maps... a western boomtown.
* 13 new logos/titles for upcoming books.

Art Directing
* Mr Vermilion's Carnival, a set of Gamescapes character cards by Michelle Klein (shellefly) and Alida Saxon (seian).
* A set of fantasy Figure Flats - a Gamescapes/Relic crossover by Frank Walls and tbd colorist.
* Suzerain Hero RPG by Aaron Rosenberg (gryphonrose).

*Isirion primer for Relic playtesters.

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