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Another image for Talisman's 'In Character' series, this one depicting a stalker (Suzerain's take on the vampire) pirate.
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I seldom post to say so, but I love the pics you post. This one especially, as I have a real weakness for a woman in a tricorne. I'd love to know what your process is, if you don't mind sharing it. It'd be cool to see one of you works in various-states sort of post, from start to finish sometime. Anyhow, I like these posts, a lot.

Thank you very much! I think this batch really got lost in the shuffle this week... but I really enjoyed working on them, especially the Star Shaman and Stalker.

I'll see about doing a short tutorial post, wip animated gif, or something... several folks have asked me to reveal more of my process and I haven't done it in awhile.

I went to the link and looked at the whole series...very cool!

Sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We haven't received much feedback yet.

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