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Not Dead, No Really
Just been really busy, both freelancing and with studio work. Just finished ten sketches for the next L5R set, and I'm really happy with a couple of them. Might be my best L5R cards yet... I'll post 'em when I can.

Meanwhile, the daily dose is still going strong on the Suzerain blog, Here's the latest entry, her name is Jen. She's a phoenix about to transform. Suzerain has some great races to choose from, but I think this is my favorite.

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Oh, that's incredible! :)

Well done, sir! This is my favorite of your most recent postings.

Oh, and the Talisman banner on the Suzerain blog kicks fucking ass.

I can't take credit for the illustration, that's one of Jason's but the logo treatment and fx were my doing.


That one's amazing. Once I've gotten my feet a bit more solidly under me, I'm going have to see about picking this game up. It sounds great, and I love what I've seen of the art.

I'm almost done with work for my horrible writing class, so I should be ready to do more flash pieces when you start posting more pictures again. I've missed that, it was a lot of fun.

Sweet! Let me know what you think of the game. :)

I'll start to start doing some more "daily dose" pics soon.

Silly as it sounds, I noticed my friends list astonishingly lax of your posts and was going to email you after dinner and ask if everything was okay. I know I don't actually know you, and this would have been seen as "weird" so I ruled it out.

It's good to see you back.

Thanks! I do this vanishing act a bit when deadlines start to loom. All is well.

Nice, amigo! Very nice.
Hey, how's Unchained going? I'm itching to see it! :)

Thanks, Prime. Unchained is still on Jason's desk, so it hasn't hit layout yet. He's a busy guy so I expect it'll take him awhile yet. I'll shoot you some snippets once I have 'em.

That's pretty.

Answer your Talisman email Ace.

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